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Forklift Training Courses


Forklift Training College (FTC) – Forklift Training Courses

The Right Professionals For Your Career

Contact Us today for a new start to your career. We will arrange a training course tailored to your requirements.

Our forklift training courses cover everything you need to learn from starting the forklift to driving the forklift to how you can get employed within the industry. All our trainers have over 10 years of experience within industry so when they train you, they will train you to the highest standard. Novice training licences fee start from £399.99

Our trainers have been training people since 2005. We can also provide other training courses, We can cover forklift training courses nationwide, let it be for 1 candidate or let it be for a group of candidates, our sub company cover forklift training london.

Our professional trainers can also test you before you start our forklift training courses so they can give you some feedback and so that you also know if the forklift training course is the one for you.

Our forklift training courses allows operators to gain the skills and knowledge required to drive a forklift safely in their workplace.

We work with each person to form a clear understanding of the risks involved when driving a forklift. The theory and practical knowledge gained throughout the course is then tested by our instructors.

Many more type of courses available please fill in our simple enquiry form to request more details about your training needs. Courses can be completed at any shift day or a night. Our instructors work their way around the clock to suit all your needs.

Training can be completed on week days or weekends. We have a new training centre in London with some great offers.